About the Author

TLB Kruger has been studying spiritual sciences over the past 30 years. Early memories reflect that this strong connect with the Divine started at the age of 4. Even further encounters revealed that this search was a continuation from his previous embodiments.

Tjaart is a CA by profession and spent over 20 years in the corporate sector from CFO to CEO however his yearning for Divine understanding and the search for God still propelled him to travel across the world to seek wisdom and guidance from various masters. Tjaart would say that his favorite of favorites is Vasishta. Although Vasishta was way beyond his time, over 500 years ago, Tjaarts study of his works over the past 8 years has brought all his studies and experiences together to finally get closer to making sense of Death and the key law of the Trinity…..Continuity!

Tjaart’s goal now is to move closer towards self realization by still being active in the world and sharing his experiences to you in his writings, workshops and talks. As a westerner, he is determined to share with the world that this is possible: to apply eastern monk philosophies in a western world of householders maintaining a state of equilibrium, through expanded awareness.

TLB Kruger | International Author –  Key Note Speaker – Spiritual Science Expert